West Coast Moving San Rafael

As one of the most respected moving companies in San Rafael, we’re familiar with the process of moving. In our years as a San Rafael moving service, we’ve learned how to lessen the strain that comes with moving. So if you’re in the market for a San Rafael moving company, we’re the tops in both quality and value.

There are several businesses that offer moving services in San Raphael, but we truly believe we are the best. Whether it’s residential moving or furniture moving, our relocation services truly help our customers beat the stress of moving. Here are a few reason why we rank high the list of San Rafael movers.

Outstanding Quality
We offer high quality in both our staff and our materials. We employ experienced people for a reason. Our staff of moving professionals will be sure to pack your valuables with the same care and attention they would use with their own possessions. Their years of experience show in their skill and total attention to detail.

Our packing materials are top-of-the-line quality, too. In addition to heavy duty cartons, special purpose cardboard boxes and furniture pads, we also supply high quality bubble wrap and shrink wrap to protect and secure the most delicate and valued things in your home. We move when you move.

Knowing that many folks can’t take time off work to move, we make ourselves available 7 days a week. Yes, we move when you move, and we know that most people need to move either Saturday or Sunday. We’re ready to move you on your own time schedule, we try to be as flexible as possible.

Out with the Old, In with the New
The process of moving produces a lot of unwanted and unneeded furniture. And for most folks the last thing you want to do during this busy time is to run more errands. West Coast Moving, San Rafael can take this chore off your hands.

While we help you move, we’ll also be glad to assist you in removing unwanted furniture during the process.

West Coast Moving at Work
Our full-service onsite packing and moving team can also help you move your office. No matter how large or small, our professionals will make sure that all of your office equipment makes the trip in great shape.

Whether we are moving a family or a company, West Coast Moving San Raphael is committed to doing a quality job.

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