With so many moving companies to choose from, how do you know which mover will provide you with the most customized service to fit all your specific needs? You should ask yourself, “How do we select movers, and assure ourselves that we are picking a reputable local moving company?” Consideration of the right moving options is not to be rushed into. Time, money, and a worried heart could be the result of making the wrong moving company choice.

Finding a Reputable Marin County Moving Company

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Due to increased technology over the web, it is easier for customers to compare moving companies and their prices. Moving directories and company websites all have forms where you can fill out the details of your move. Moving companies will then send you an estimated price based on your move details. Of course, price should not be the only factor in choosing a great moving company, but it is a determining factor nonetheless. Make sure you do the necessary background check and ask the necessary questions in order to choose the best moving company for you.
There are many ways that you can narrow your choices down. Below is a list of sources of information you can look to.

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The Better Business Bureau is a consumer agency that makes information about businesses in your area available. Contact your local BBB and check the record of complaints received against the potential moving company you aim to do business with. The BBB is unable to make any recommendations regarding your choice; however, they will be able to make their files available to you in order for you to conduct research on any moving company. The BBB has the data available on any company operating within its jurisdiction.

The Department of Transportation or DOT is the government agency responsible for the licensing of all interstate movers. You must check with the DOT to see that your potential moving company has the authority to provide relocation services within the United States. The DOT keeps records of each moving company’s liability and cargo insurance and makes sure that each company is sufficiently prepared to operate safely. A good status with the DOT will ensure you have chosen a safe, licensed mover to ship your goods across the country.